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We treat your business as it were our own.

Our holistic 5 step approach to PPC

1. Getting familiar with your brand and PPC goals

A crystal-clear understanding of what your expectations are will ensure that we meet and exceed them. We will perform a free audit of your current campaigns to identify pros and cons.

2. Getting listings “PPC ready”

We analyze your product listings to make sure that they are fully optimized for sale conversion. If this is not the case then we offer suggestions on how to improve your listing before starting the ads. The main components are product images, number and average rating of reviews, title, bullet points and enhanced brand content (EBC / A+) or product description.

3. Detailed keyword and competitor’s research

We perform an in-depth keyword research using your existing search term reports (if available) and tools like Helium10. After we have a comprehensive list of relevant keywords, we make sure that your listings are indexed for them, to benefit from organic ranking and organic sales as well. Our suggestion is to track all relevant keywords to see real time changes in organic rankings. We also track down the ASINs of similar products to target with ads.


4. Setting up campaign structures

With our end goal in mind which we determined at step 1, we optimize your existing campaigns and/or set up new ones based on our research. These include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads.

5. Ongoing maintenance and optimization

The final step is to constantly monitor the ad campaigns and make adjustments accordingly to the plan. We update the bids based on performance over time, add keywords to the negative lists, create new campaigns with high performing search terms, etc. We will send you a monthly performance report as well as stay in constant communication to discuss future plans and resolve any concerns that may arise.


Terms of Partnership

Because clear results are not immediately visible, we require a minimum of 2 months commitment from our clients. This gives us enough time to optimize the ads based on the data we gather in the first weeks.

After that, you get to decide each month if you want to continue working with us. We only ask for a 30 day notice before we end our partnership.

Of course, our goal is to keep you happy and satisfied with our services for many years to come. 

We aim to meet and exceed your expectations.


Some of the Brands we worked with


Our Ideal Client

We would love to work together, If Your Brand…

  • Is generating at least €100,000 or more per month in at least one Amazon marketplace.
  • Has high quality products (min. 3 parent ASINs). Ideally, products made from recycled plastics and/or materials, no plastic packaging, vegan or otherwise environmentally friendly.
  • Is on a year-to-year growth trajectory.

Also, if You the Brand owner…

  • Understand what is and what isn’t realistically possible using advertising on Amazon.
  • Seek to collaborate with multiple members of our team on an ongoing basis.
  • Can allocate a minimum Budget of 50 EUR/day per parent ASIN.

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If you believe to be a good fit for our ideal client profile, then we would love to work together with you to add value to your business and increase your sales revenue and profits.

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